The nature of work is changing dramatically & irreversibly

Transformation drivers


People do their best work when they
have more choice and control.


Organizations need on-demand visibility and
access to the right people, whenever they are.


New technologies are empowering people to reimagine work and how it gets done


of executives agree that work is shifting from roles to projects.

Mary Lyons, Michael Blitz, and Nicholas Whittall,
“Shaping the Agile Workforce,” 2017, Accenture

Which of the following best describes the benefits of organizational change management?


Access to highly skilled or
specialized talent


Find the right talent to get
the work done faster


Speed of talent acquisition


Reduced reliance on
‘brand name’
consulting firms

What is lean startup methodology?

The lean startup methodology is a customer-centric, acceleratedfeedback loop of building, measuring and
learning. It enables practitioners to uncover product-
market fit, while eliminating waste, enabling rapid
course-correction and elastic decision-making.

What does this mean for Bio-Pharma programs?

We recommend starting with a pilot program. Testing, learning, getting small wins help avoid costly mistakes of large-scale roll move too fast,too soon - and, in many cases, miss the point.
Change requires more than just technology and toolkits. How people behave and think about work must also change. Organizational insular cultures, ingrained mindsets, and employee incentives evolve and align for a workforce to become agile.
What does this mean in practice? Our programs are designed to fit your organization’s unique needs, configure our combined technology and program solution to meet them, amd rapidly iterate to incorporate feedback.
But we’re not reinventing the wheel. Our program incorporate practices informed by data from working with multiple Bio-Pharmaceutical organizations.


Part process, part technology



  • Conduct working sessions with senior execs
  • Identify ideal talent pool for pilot program
  • Define key actions, accountabilities & resources
  • Surface key tech & program requirements
  • Analyze key performance indicators



  • Configure platform for unique workflows
  • Implement & adapt processes to needs
  • Create program playbook based on learnings
  • Create a week-to-week guide for deployment
    adoption, and incorporating feedback



  • User activity
  • Avg. project rating
  • Avg. time to fill
  • Skills requested, by business or group
  • Net promoter Score

Typical Program Actions

Communicate Vision

Explain how you imagine stakeholders will use the solution
and, more importantly, what’s in it for them.

Gather Feedback

Track and analyze key performance indicators, indentifying
and solving problems, one by one.

Define Goals

Define what an agile workforce means for your organization and how we can measure successful progress toward it.

Empower Individuals

Drive solution adoption and delight by providing training,coaching, and support as stakeholders use the solution.

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